Setting Forth


In a little less than a month, I'll take a one-way flight to the Merle K. "Mudhole" Smith airport in Cordova, Alaska to commercial fish for the 2015 salmon run. This will be my fourth such trip, and I still lose sleep weeks beforehand out of excitement. The anticipation (and inevitable anxiety) for this year is particularly significant, as I am also leaving my full-time salaried desk job in Denver, Colorado to catch the beginning and end of the season. I will be living in a 100 square foot boat cabin for 3 months with 3 other guys, one of which is my brother, and fishing between 14-18 hours each day. I won't shower or sleep much, won't have internet or cell reception for a couple weeks at a time, and will be cold, wet, and constantly stung in the face by jellyfish coming up in the net. While this may not sound appealing to most, this is the only job I've ever had where I wake up each morning and think to myself, "I cannot believe I get paid for this!" At the end of the season, I will take off on a 24-month world trip with my wife (at least, that is the current plan). In September, Jaimie and I will travel to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia. In the spring, we plan on living between Greece and Romania as we travel all across Europe. Depending on money, we will then come back to Alaska to fish or proceed to Australia/New Zealand for the fall. We plan to finish off our trip in South America in the Winter/Spring/Summer of 2017.

Traveling internationally long-term has been a lifelong dream for Jaimie and I, and we have determined that this is the best time for us to go. We are thrilled for what lies ahead, and are open to what is in store along the road. In this blog, I'll be sharing our daily experiences, locations, and discoveries as well as thoughts on living. This blog is for you, dear friends, to keep up with the Morgans, but I hope it is also a platform for me to think through and discuss cultural experiences, challenging concepts, and philosophical wanderings of my mind as I work to sort through what we are seeing and experiencing. I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.