Blogging, Traveling, and Finding the Balance


Two weeks ago I wrote a post about arriving in Bangkok, and have spent the days since enjoying the whirlwind pace of our travels and neglecting this blog, much to my own disappointment. However, I appreciate all the interest and encouragement from you guys to keep writing! I went in to this whole "blogging" thing not having a very clear vision of what I wanted to share from our trip or in what format, but over the last couple weeks of thinking and planning, I have now landed on a structure that I think I am excited about, and I hope you are too! On the main page under "Writing," you'll notice a drop down for categories in the sidebar to the right, consisting of "Fishing in Alaska," "World Travel Blog," and "Ideas on Living." Here is a breakdown of how I see this blog advancing, including what I'll focus on in which section. Hopefully each of you can find a section that interests or helps you!Fishing in Alaska: Each June-September, I'll write about our time out fishing, including updates on the season, thoughts on the fishing lifestyle, and other regular blog entries about our whereabouts and shenanigans!

World Travel Blog: This is essentialy going to be more of a personal blog as we continue on our World Trip, including overview updates on where we are, what we're experiencing, how it is changing and challenging us, and other more "personal" events and updates. This will be the best point of connection between us to all our friends and family while we're abroad! I am really hoping and planning to commit to updating this at least once a week.

Ideas on Living: If you know me well, you'll also know that the last thing I want in life (or on this trip, for that matter) is to live passively, not curating an intentional, disciplined, or magnetic direction for life to be fulfilling, enriching, and adventurous. I have not been on this Earth very long, but if I have developed a "life message" yet, it is that life is worth pursuing intentionally and passionately, not letting social norms or other's expectations of us keep us from pursuing the things we care about most. I hope to share my thoughts (as I continue to develop them internally) to design a lifestyle that puts you in motion down the trail of your calling, vocation, or passions. I have always been driven to a life of passions, adventures, and risks, and hope to inspire and encourage others to do the same. Our outcomes may look far different from one another, but my hope is that I will share thoughts that challenge and encourage each of us to live towards our goals and life dreams in a real, enriching, and focused manner. This is the heart of Willfully Living: An intentional pursuit of a wild, fulfilling, and adventurous life. I'm excited for this section, and I hope you are too!

So that is that! Be looking for updates in all of these sections in the coming weeks, and have grace for me if I am inconsistent. I have found that balancing activities while traveling and taking time to write about them is very difficult. One often comes at the expense of the other, and at our breakneck pace of traveling over the past two weeks, I didn't find too many days to sit down and write. Afterall, snorkling, cave diving, and riding motorbikes carefully around a troop of monkeys on a jungle road is a lot more fun than sitting down at a computer! Thanks and much love, my friends!